Here are a few tips to make your winter travel easier.

Although it rarely gets severely cold or snowy in the Smokes during the winter months, it does happen occasionally. Snowfall typically occurs from November through March.  This area is not known for lasting snow accumulations.  In most cases, the snow melts within a few hours to a couple of days. The city and county are not equipped to clear every road and street in the event of a major snowfall. Major roads are given priority for plowing, but secondary roads and streets are not. Given that our cabins are located on residential streets with just a few other houses, it is unlikely that the street will be treated or plowed if there is snow accumulation. 4WD/AWD and/or snow chains may be necessary during snowy conditions.

Please check the weather forecast before traveling. Current road conditions are also updated on GSMNP website:
Power outages may occur due to snowfalls or wind storms, but they are usually resolved within a few hours. If you experience a power outage, please contact us so that we can notify Sevier County Electric.
We recommend purchasing Travel/cancellation insurance of your choice.